Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Process question...

How do you guys want to work out the 'assignments'?  Do you just want me to post up topics to work on, do you want to take turns?  I'm going to have the first assignment due on the 29th, given that we're mostly done everything this week, and that will give us 9 assignments before school starts again.

I was thinking of doing assignments of about the specificity of our Iconography class, but I can be more specific and make it about particular topics...would you rather have "Create an illustration for a magazine article", or "Create an illustration for a magazine article on cyber-terrorism"?

I'll probably post the first topic later today or tomorrow.


  1. Well, how about to make it fair, instead of just one person controlling the whole thing why don't we all take turns? Everyone signs up for an assignment and then creates it however specific they like. It's not like each illustration we do has to fit perfectly with the assignment givin.

  2. Works for me. I remember from trying to get people to create topics for sketchgroup that sometimes it's hard to get topics out of people ;> Rather than create a signup sheet or anything, I think it's better that it defaults to me, but if anyone has an idea for that week, just let me know and we'll use that instead.

  3. I think it would be fun to take turns:)
    May I suggest that for the first assignment we do a free style? Just to warm up our own creative juices?

  4. I agree, I have faith that everyone here is capable of coming up with an idea of what they would like to do as an assignment. :) I also agree that having a warm up assignment. Just to get school out of my mind! :b

  5. Well, you guys can always choose to do the assignment or not, it's up to you...I think a "warm up" is unnecessary given that I've been drawing my ass off for 4 months now.

    I'm also of the opinion that free-style is fine art, not illustration ;) Which is not to say you can't work on whatever you want...but me, I'm doing a Magic card!